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Liteblok interlocking lightweight insulating concrete block
Photos courtesy of Cresco Concrete Products, LLC


A Liteblok is a lightweight concrete block that interlocks so that it can be assembled into walls without need for mortar between blocks. Tiny trapped air bubbles make the Liteblok effective thermal insulation, and with grout and rebar added to some of their holes, the blocks become strong enough to act as the unsupported structure of a house wall. Liteblok is non-toxic, fireproof, and inhospitable to termites, rodents, and molds.

Other advantages of Liteblok:
  • Ease of construction saves time and allows many homeowners to do the work themselves.
  • R-value will not degrade over time as often happens with other insulation, such as fiberglass.
  • Light weight reduces shipping costs and foundation requirements.
  • Liteblok manufacturing used less energy than autoclaved aerated concrete.
  • Liteblok blocks will not rot, warp, or get eaten.
  • A Liteblok house performs well against fire, earthquakes, and wind.
building Liteblok house walls

Liteblok walls are built by anchoring rebar into the foundation, stacking the interlocking Liteblok blocks so that the rebar runs through some of their vertical holes, filling the holes with grout, and capping the wall with a ring beam. Electrical and plumbing lines can be run through the vertical holes, and special blocks are available with built-in electrical boxes. Liteblok can also be cut as needed with a hand saw or hole saw. The resulting wall surface will accept the full range of finishes that work on other masonry.

For much more information on Liteblok, see Cresco Concrete Products, LLC.

Here is a completed Liteblok house:

finished Liteblok house